Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Daybook: Fall'18

Thinking about:
    Raking all the leaves that have fallen. Nearly done with the front yard and then onto the back.  Thanksgiving; we are local this year as Dr Daddy has to work.  Ordering Christmas cards and getting the kids to nail down their lists.

Excited For:
   Thanksgiving; it will be small but nice to celebrate at home just us, plus out-town friends are coming to town for weekend.  Advent and Christmas!! An addition we have been planning in theory moving soon into the actual!

   Mostly jeans and clogs or wedges; I know for most fall means breaking out the boots (and I have a pair that gets some wear) but for me fall means my favorite wedges and wearing clogs again.  Also found a couple of great tops to update and perk up the daily uniform.

In the Yard:
 The trees have dropped most of their leaves so lots of raking to go but the end is in sight and then onto the pruning.  Didn't plant any bulbs 

Watching and Listening to:
    Enjoying the return of This is Us and have started watching Magnum P.I. off the DVR and Madame Secretary off Netflix. And thanks to the kids Narwhal Eating A Bagel has become part of the soundtrack of my day.
The Kids: 

Elisabeth is thriving in 5th grade; enjoying changing classes and taking good care of her school issued Chrome book. Continues to excel at her gymnastics class, currently working on her back walkover and front handspring.  The end of the day finds her in her loft bed reading Wings of Fire; a fantasy book series that she has been obsessed with since the spring.

Liam has settled well into 2nd grade; reading better and better all the time (handwriting is another issue).  Enjoyed playing soccer this fall and is currently a Wolf Scout. Pokemon is still tops and with help from his big sister is becoming proficient at Mindcraft.  Always a great eater he is currently all about the Cobb salad, requesting one several times a week.

Caitlin is loving Kindergarten and doing really well; making friends and learning to write words and add numbers.  She loves being read to; and I'm so excited to watch over the next year as she begins to learn to read to us.  She has joined Lisbeth in doing gymnastics; loves tumbling ~ the beam not so much.

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