Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thankful Thursday: November 2018

After a lovely Thanksgiving and before the Advent/Christmas season begins want to pause and give thanks for the blessings of these days.

  1. Charlie; an amazing & loving companion on this great adventure
  2. A home that shelters my family well;  keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  3. My children who love me and teach me to be kind and brave!
  4. The right to vote and participate in choosing those who will govern.
  5. The chance to study, question and never stop learning and discovering the world around me.
  6. Electricity 
  7. A foundation of faith given to me by my mom and strengthen by teachers along the way.
  8. Good books and the time to read them.
  9. Watching my kids excited about new books and absorbed in their favorites.
  10. Clean Water
  11. Reliable Transportation 
  12. Abundant food including pie!
  13. My family of origin whose warm love and shared laughter sustains me
  14. Sunshine
  15. My 'married' family: warm, funny and hard-working
  16. Family and friends across the miles who stay in touch and stay true.
  17. The ease with which technology helps me to keep in touch with family & friends across the miles and overseas.
  18. This amazing blogging community that share of their time and talent so gracefully.
  19. The ocean and time spent there.
  20. The beauty around me as leaves change colors and falls.
  21. Quiet evenings when Charlie & I share a bowl of ice cream and binge watch a series.
  22. Weekend mornings when we drink Chai and everyone 'piles in' together.
  23. Sunday dinners with family and friends.
  24. My husband's tech skills for when things go sideways
  25. My children's laughter!
  26. Warm drinks on a cold and dreary day!
  27. God's everlasting love!
  28. Hope renewed each morning.
  29. My life with all its struggles and blessings!

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