Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Open Book: December '18

Saint Elizabeth's Three Crowns by Blanche Thompson is a biography in the Vision book series aimed for older children.  In addition to sharing biographical facts about Saint Elizabeth's life, the book also shares some of the saint's journey of faith as she learns about the Franciscan or the Gray Brothers and learns about their ideals of simplicity and charity.  Another interesting question raised throughout the book was that of vocation and service as a wife, mother, Landgravine, and later a Third Order Franciscan.   While a bit 'sugary' at points a solid biography which shares some of the miracles and struggles of this saint.

A Christmas Wedding by Andrew Greeley tells the continuing story of Charles O'Malley the oldest son of a Chicago Catholic family. This installment cares him and his Rosemarie through their courtship and early marriage.   This was a reread for me and it holds up well; I really enjoy how Greeley focuses on the events of everyday life while interweaving some of the current events of the 1950's so as to give context to the times when his characters were living.

Currently getting into the season and reading The Snow Child and The Winter Crown.

In addition Christy of Fountains of Home has recently share a lovely Christmas book list.

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  1. Andrew Greeley - it's been a long time since I heard that author's name! I used to steal my grandmother's copies of his books when she was done reading them. This one seems to be later in his catalog than I would have read.

  2. Ooh, I like how you're reading seasonal titles for December! The Christmas Wedding seems like a good read- I love when current events are added to give a book context. And I enjoyed reading the St. Elizabeth book when I was growing up. I've started collecting those titles by Ignatius for our shelves. :)