Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Open Book: February '19

At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon was handed to me by a friend who was surprised that I had never read the series and I'm so glad she did. Mitford is a village in the western mountains of North Carolina and Father Tim is our tour guide as he cares for his parishioners, interacts with towns people and deals with challenges such as a larger than life dog and an outgoing new neighbor.  Karon's writing is lovely without being cheesy and while the pacing is a bit slow it is never dull. I very much enjoyed matters of faith discussed, but believe they are done respectfully enough that even a non-believer would enjoy this book.

Who does He Say You Are? by Colleen Mitchell looks at Scripture and what 12 women's interaction with Jesus can teach us about who we are and what virtues God may be calling us to grow and strengthen.  The stories were familiar, yet Mitchell highlighted aspects I had not previously noticed.
Not all chapters spoke to me, but likely that speaks to the diversity among all of us and our individual temperament.  The study questions at the end of each chapter makes this a good bible study option.

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  1. We,re reading Who Does He Say You Are for my book club right now!

    1. Will be interested to hear what you think.