Thursday, January 28, 2021

What to read while waiting for your Bridgerton holds

   If you like me have learned of the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn because of the Netflix series; and are now surprised and a bit disappointed to find the books back-ordered and/or checked out.  Allow me to share some of my favorites of the genre while you wait for your holds to come in.

Georgette Heyer:  Any of you longtime readers know of my great appreciation of this author. Sometimes described as Austen lite: her understanding of the Regency comedy of manners is excellent and her romances lovely.  This post describes some of my favorites of hers's to which I would add Frederica and Sprig Muslin which I had yet to read.

Bree Wolf's Love Second Chance romances include wonderful conversations among a great cast of characters who continue to appear through the series.  The intimate scenes are consistently between married people and almost entirely behind the closed door; kissing and early foreplay are on the page.

Emma Leech's Rogues and Gentlemen series is another great series where you meet great people and enjoy watching over the course of the series they, their friends, and their family find love.  These books focus more on the romance of the time as well as the effects of war on those who fought in the Napoleonic Wars.   The intimate scenes are again mostly between married people but in a more open-door manner.

Erica Ridley's Duke of War series recounts a group of friends who have been to war and are now back.  These stories also focus on the battle scars these soldiers carried, (both internal and external) while they meet their lady loves. The humor of the Regency comedy of manners is the focus while there are some open door scenes as our couples achieve their 'happily ever after'. 

  Stepping slightly away from the Regency setting I want to also highlight a couple other authors.  Janette Oke writes wonderful clean romances of the Canadian West.  She has two series Love Come Softly, and When Calls the Heart, as well as many stand-alone novels, two of my favorites being A Bride for Donnigan and They Called Her Mrs. Doc.

Eliza Knight's Sutherland Legacy is set in Scotland during the time of Edward II and Robert the Bruce. Lords, Ladies, and Clansman fight and fall in love along the border and in the Highlands of Scotland.  These are also open door romances where the intimate scenes are somewhat described on the page. 

Any favorites of yours I missed?


  1. I want to love Bridgerton (the series) but it's way too risque for me!! I had to stop a few episodes in. Wish it could have been portrayed more PG-13 style :(

  2. I have such fond memories of Janette Oke's books! One summer when we were teenagers, my cousin and I read almost the entire Love Comes Softly series. I'll have to pick them up again someday.