Monday, September 7, 2009

Photographing a toddler

  • With each age comes its own joys and challenges.  Taking Elisabeth to have her eighteen month pictures turn out to be both.  
  • On the one hand she was happy and smiley and having great fun.  Looked adorable in her dresses (the photographer was open to a costume change).  Great fun was had by all!
  • What more could a mom want, right?
  • Except she had no deserve to sit still,  is still to young to understand the idea of staying on the mark or leaving her hands where the photographer positioned them.  To summarize: too old to stay where you put them but too young to follow direction.
  • What is a mom to do??    Laugh!!


  1. Oh....but so cute!!!! She's so gorgeous. What a light to your day!!

    THANKS for sharing, he smile made my DAY!