Thursday, September 3, 2009

Small Successes:September 3rd

  1. Have (hopefully) transitioned Elisabeth back into daycare with the minimum amount of bumps and tears.  She is tearful when we leave but the teacher reports that she settles into playing quickly.
  2. Had a meal plan in place for the first two weeks of the semester, and have ideas and supplies for week 3
  3. AND as of today have managed to keep the wonderful child entrusted to me alive and well for eighteen months.  
Today I am so thankful for:
a loving supportive husband who lives to cook
a newly minted eighteen month old
new words and sounds learned and shared with enthusiasm
words and hugs of support from friends as I return to teaching
times of fellowship and prayer

Have a blessed day celebrating you and your small successes at Faith and Family Live


  1. Great job on #3. That is so impressive!

  2. What a great list!! Anything that seems small is SO much bigger than we think it is. Sorry I'm late once again reading, but thanks for inspiring me this weekend :) God Bless!