Thursday, September 10, 2009

Small Successes:September 10th

  1. Have gotten a couple loads of warmer clothes washed and put-away, and now feel a bit more prepared for the first autumn cold snap.
  2. Sent out "Happy School Year" cards to all our nephews and niece.
  3. Made the final payment on my student loans from graduate school.  Yay, no more loans...just in time to start saving for a certains toddlers education.
Today I am giving thanks for:
     a loving marriage which strengthen and sustains me
     baby hugs
     the chance to snuggle in bed and read with a sleepy toddler
     a fine education which lead to good jobs, which enabled me to pay for said schooling
     a growing congregation as students return to school and mass 

Wishing you a wonderful day celebrating your small successes!


  1. Wonderful list!!!! Thanks for sharing it, and many blessings for your weekend!

  2. Oh yes...big congrats for paying off a loan!!!!

  3. This is a lovely post. Congrats on being student loan-free!