Friday, September 25, 2009

Quick Takes vol #30

  1. Happy Autumn!  I don't really have a favorite season, as each has aspects I really enjoy.   But if really pressed Autumn might top the list.  Am happily burning a apple & spice tart in my tart burner.
  2. Finished "The Shack" and really enjoyed.  Current copy was borrowed from a family member but am thinking I will pick up a copy for myself as I would like my husband's take on it...and think it is the type of book you could occasionly pick-up and read a few pages at a time.
  3. Updated version of peek-a-boo in our house: Elisabeth goes into our closet and then peeks her head out and shouts "I see you!"
  4. Speaking of my favorite toddler; Decided to climb out of her crib this weekend, we her parents hoping to delay this level of independence a bit longer bought a crib tent which she so far finds quite fun and funny, crisis averted
  5. Had the opportunity to go to Adoration yesterday; Lovely, hello old friend time.  Time of prayer and silence, quiet and reflection, speaking and listening.  
  6. My cousin had her little girl this week, new niece safely arrived on my dad's birthday. Nice symmetry that as he was her godfather and I sure would have been thrilled to share his birthday with his god-daughters daughter.
  7. One of my dad's native verbage of New England he never lost even after years in Virginia was 'frappe', being from Rhode Island the term 'milkshake' meant a completely different drink.  
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  1. Adoration is something I have been trying to get to since Arwen was born.
    Is ther such a thing as Holy envy? ☺
    God Bless

  2. The Shack is the only book my husband has read front to back since I've known him.

    I'm in Houston so we don't really have much of an Autumn... but I drink pumpkin spice lattes anyways!

  3. I just have to comment on #7. My husband and I while we were dating were arguing wether there was a difference between the two. I assured him there was and then we went to Newport Creamery and I showed him that both were listed on the menu! One has ice cream, the other does not. This is completely a MA/RI thing - my DH is from CT and had no idea!