Friday, September 4, 2009

Quick Takes vol #28

  1. The first full week of work went relatively well, I'm really enjoying my students and feel as they are getting to experience some interesting clinical experiences.  Unfortunately Elisabeth is still very tearful when she is dropped off at daycare.  Hopefully this period of adjustment is nearly over. 
  2. I decided to avoid the whole 'drop-off' issue yesterday and brought E. with me to school since I only had office hours.  Worked great, some students entertained her (or were entertained by her) while I met with the couple of students who had to talk to me.  Win!!
  3. We are going later today to have her 18month formal shots taken.   I am very curious to see how this goes since it will be the first time doing official pictures since she became mobile.   Actually she was crawling at a year, so probably it will be fun and fine.
  4. Reading "The Shack" right now and really enjoying it, hoping to finish this weekend.  The friend who lent it to me told me it was a modern retelling of "Pilgrims Progress" which I have never read but might pick-up to compare and contrast. 
  5. Saw Julie & Julia last weekend and loved it.  A wonderful story of how the love and strength found within a good marriage can give you the courage to really go for your dreams.  Second only to Katherine Hepburn, Meryl Streep is my favorite actress...And she seriously starting to close the gap.
  6. As requested by Jen, our wonderful founder and host.  The job I should never ever do is firefighting.  I have such admiration for wonderful men and women who do this dangerous job.  I'm very afraid of burning myself: stare in amazed horror at people who pinch candle flames out and amuse my husband no end but how many matches I go through lighting candles around our home.
  7. Plans for the weekend: grading, gardening and enjoying the lovely late summer weather with a hint of autumn at the playground and grill.
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  1. I also loved The Shack and Julie & Julia. And I think Meryl Streep is wonderful. My fave!