Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Takes vol #29

  1. Separation stuggles continue with daycare drop-offs being tearful, and now going to sleep for nap or the night requires mommy or daddy to stay in the room till fast asleep.  I must credit she employs her two best ammunition very effectively managing to look pitiful and very cute at the same moment.
  2. Mary Travers: A long time favorite all with her two co-singers.  I had the great priviledge of hearing them live twice in concert.  Luckily on CD's and in my IPOD her music, along with that of Rich Mulllins, John Denver and others who have moved on,  lives on.
  3. My first concert ever was John Denver when I was about five.  Leading me to wonder.. Are there artist performing music today (not specificly intended for children) that I would take a child to go hear?
  4. Meal planning continues to go well, with me making my first pork roast this week and Charlie turning the grilled steak from Saturday into a tasty beef fried rice last night.  Not sure how long we can keep it going.....but enjoying the reduction in stress it brings. 
  5. Truely hope I am not boring my readers to tears by how much I post about Elisabeth, but I am finding that these few free moments are also the best time to record about the constant growth and changes as the weeks go by, puzzles she used to struggle with she now accomplishes with minimal help, and new thoughts and phrases springing up seemingly daily; certainly faster then I can get them recorded in her baby book.  Thank you for your patience.
  6. Precious moment of the week: Elisabeth stealing broccoli pieces off her Daddy's plate and saying 'tank you' after the fact.
  7. Weekend plans: Grading, housework,  & catching up on as much sleep as a certain toddler will allow.

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  1. Stealing vegetables should be encouraged, lol! As far as the grill, don't know where you are but I'm from New England and we grill steaks for Christmas!