Friday, January 10, 2014

Quick Takes #149

  1. So how is 2014 treating you so far?  So far it is crazy here; nothing like getting ready to return to work, while your husband is revving up a big project, while cleaning-up from Christmas, while celebrating a first birthday...while surviving an Arctic Vortex!!
  2. My Saint for the Year selected for me by the Saint Generator is Saint Angela Merici whose primary mission was teaching young women ~ yup sounds about right!  Seriously excited to learn more about her and see where her help brings me.
  3. Word for the year I'm still working on but in the meantime still working on gratitude; I met my goal of recording 500 gifts on my 1000 gifts app last year; and am curious to see how long it will take me to reach the 1000 gift mark.
  4. My mom is safely home from her trip to visit family and spend Christmas in Belgium.  She had a wonderful time and I'm enjoying see the pictures and hearing the stories about my cousins and their children ~ and my chocolate drawer is restocked!!
  5. We had a nice little family party for Caitlin this week on her actual birthday where she got to feast on a birthday cupcake.  She will get another chance this weekend with our Church family.
  6. Since the Giants (Charlie) did not make the playoffs and the Eagles (Elisabeth) went out on the first round we are now a house united.  Go Patriots!!!
  7. Kid Shot: I think she liked her cupcake

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  1. What a cute little cupcake face! I hope your return to work goes smoothly, Joy. Glad you have a good stock of Belgian chocolates! :)