Thursday, January 9, 2014

Caitlin at ONE!

Hard as it is to believe it has been a year since my merry munchkin joined our family

Though I remember Elisabeth being quite verbal at a year Caitlin imitates and 'sings' more than I remember either of the older two. Similar to Liam, she is in no great hurry to get moving and is only now consistently crawling ~ and an army crawl at that.
3 months
Largely a good sleeper, she nurses most of the way to sleep, sleeps in her crib till between 5-6 when I bring her into our bed for a feeding after which she often sleeps till 8 ~ 9 if not woken by her siblings.    If able she naps twice a day; around 11 am and 3 p.m. but bless her heart if we are on the run ~ she will nap on the run.
6 months
An excellent eater, she would be completely on table food but for me finishing up our stock of pureed.  Will tire of some foods quickly but truly can't think of a food she won't try for a few bites.  Favorites: Yogurt, pizza crusts, and apple sauce.  Introducing a sippy cup was a complete non-event as she immediately mastered it without any difficulty.

9 mo

Her easy-going nature serves her well with the not always gentle but always sincere loving from her big brother and sister.  As long as she is not being forced to endure a long car ride in the dark ~ she is pretty much up for anything.

So here's to the newest 1 year old on the block!!


  1. I can't believe she is a year already! Happy birthday to your Caitlin!

  2. It went by too fast, didn’t it?!? Happy Birthday, Caitlin!!!