Friday, January 3, 2014

13 for 2013: A year in review

Linking up with Dwija and sharing 13 pics about 2013

The year that started off great with Caitlin joining the family!
 February was all about family love!!

In March Elisabeth officially became a handful!

April brought Easter and an attempt at a family photo

 May, a road-trip back to Rhode Island to celebrate a cousin's graduation and my 40th birthday!

 In June we were able to (finally) welcome Caitlin into the Church.

July ~ Summer Days and holiday parades

August ~ Beach Trip!!

In September someone started Kindergarten and 

someone turned 3.

 October: Halloween Fun!!

November: Lots of yardwork ~ Lots of fun!

December: Time again to enjoy Christmas Fun


  1. What a fun snapshot of your year, Joy! I love that Christmas photo!