Friday, January 24, 2014

Quick Takes #150

  1. Hello from our part of the polar blast ~ hope everyone is doing ok. We are surviving with the help of warm blankets and mugs of hot cocoa.
  2. As I posted earlier this week, this little blog of mine is 5 years old. So yay me for sticking with it and mostly thank you to all my readers and friends who have kept coming back and encouraging me in this fun little endeavor of mine.
  3. Like for example nominating me for Most Unappreciated Blog at the 2014 Sheenazing Awards. Vote Now!!! And thank you, thank you!!
  4. The two big kids had a lot of fun with their 2 snow days this week and as the temps are still well below freezing I expect the snow will be around all weekend to enjoy.  Caitlin is a good sport and will come outside and watch so that I can play when asked by L1 and L2 though since she can't really move around much I worry about how quickly she gets cold.
  5. Am still undecided about the direction Downton Abbey is going this season but I am feeling better after last Sundays episode and I love Rachel's review!!
  6. And now I'm going encourage you to head over to Mama needs Coffee and read up on her Wellness Project which I think is a wonderful idea even if I haven't managed to do something most days.  Snow days + sick spouse= tough week.
  7. My week in pictures. Have a good weekend and don't forget to vote!!

And please head over to Conversion Diary for the rest of this weeks Quick Takes!!


  1. The Wellness challenge is awesome. Downton isn't bothering me, but I know it is a lot of people. I was 'spoiled' so I knew what was coming and I know how it is going to be dealt with. That might help. I am a read the last chapter first kind of girl.

  2. Congrats on the nomination, Joy!!

  3. Caitlin is too cute in that snowsuit! I'm impressed that you took her out :)

  4. I've seen all of season 4 of Downton, and as usual, it didn't disappoint. (Well, I say as usual--but that whole Matthew's death thing was a huge disappointment.)

    And I love the idea of Jenny's Wellness Project!

    Also, this is belated, but congrats on your nomination!