Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Five Faves: Biography Edition

Linking up with Jenna and sharing some of my favorite biographies
  1. The Wives of Henry VIII by Antonia Fraser: A wonderful, well researched book that tells you so much about these women, the times they lived and how they came to know and marry King Henry. Fraser writing is interesting and witty and I learned so much about these women generally only known for how they died.
  2. We Two by Gillian Gill: Is a fun and fascinating look at the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and how their continual power struggles rather than hurting their relationship gave it variety and energy.  The author offers a lot of opinions and does not use many primary sources but I found it a fun and fascinating read.
  3. RFK by Evan Thomas: Is a great biography in part because just tells the story of his life with all it's contradictions and neither puts him on a pedestal nor tries to tear him down from one.  Evans tells the story of a younger brother who was the ultimate team player and reluctantly came into his own when forced by tragedy into a leading role.
  4. A Good Man by Mark Shiver: I've written about this book before but as it fits the criteria I'm giving it another shout-out. More of a memoir than biography it is a lovely look back by a son of his father and why some many after his father's passing found him to be A Good Man.
  5. And while not a biography in the strictest sense Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts tells the stories of the wives and daughters of the Revolutionary War/ Continental Congress time period and is a wonderful read; informative yet wit and filled with little stories which make the people and time come alive.

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