Friday, February 5, 2010

Quick Takes Vol #45

  1. Am currently soloing as C is attending a conference in CA, yesterday went well but unfortunately it sounds as if the coming storm is going to delay his return. Praying for safe travel and a delays totaling less than a day.
  2. Speaking of which, it is a very odd year when my family in Virginia are enjoying/contending with more snow then us in PA, wondering if the coming storm will help increase my total or set me further behind.
  3. Searching today for a pint size shovel, E loves to help, just lacks the proper equipment.
  4. Cute phrase of the week; at Mass this week following the psalm, "Good Job, Daddy!"
  5. This week marked E's transition to the 2 yr old room at her school, it happened that this was a three day work week for me, which in the short run meant another teary drop-off but hopefully in the long was helpful to transitioning.
  6. Have selected my devotional for Lent, (just need to order it). Have not yet nailed done the rest of my plans but am very excited about my book choice. More later...
  7. Plans for the weekend: Praying for 'Daddy's' safe return, watching the snow fall, shoveling and watching the SuperBowl with whatever friends manage to dig out.
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  1. I'll have dug out for the Superbowl -- I own a shovel now. :-)

  2. Oh, a little shovel for her would be so cute!

  3. Hoping your hubby is back safe and sound soon. Life drags when they aren't around!

  4. I hope your husband makes it home safely in this crazy weather!

  5. I'm really interested to hear your choice of Lent devotion! I've been wanting to start that (tried it last year, but didn't care for the book) but don't know where to start looking. Your recommendation will be helpful!

    Praying for your husband's safe, quick return!

  6. Praying your husband is back soon. It so hard to be alone! We are experiencing more snow than we have had in years! We are used to about 3-4 inches a YEAR if we are lucky. But last weekend, we got 10 inches and we are expecting the same today!