Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick Takes Vol #46: Blessings after the storm!

Choosing to count my blessings rather than rant about the ridiculousness of this weather

  1. We never lost power!!
  2. After three cancelled flights, Charlie did make it safely home before the second storm hit
  3. Neither of the two trees that came down hit our house or our cars
  4. Throughout the storms and their aftermath I had a cheerful, happy assistant with all the shoveling.
  5. There was always a warm, cozy house to retreat to and watch the snow come down.
  6. Snow can be quite beautiful (when not covering your car and every pathway).
  7. Plans for the weekend, Staying warm and cozy when not outside playing in the snow.
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  1. I'm glad Charlie made it home safely! Stay warm!

  2. Great job focusing on the positive! It seems as if your cheerful, happy assistant may have learned about attitudes from you. :-)