Thursday, February 11, 2010

Small Successes: Blizzard 2010

  1. With the help of my favorite toddler managed to weather the first part of the storm this past weekend and had us mostly dug out by the time Charlie got home.
  2. Despite two large snow storms managed to plan a birthday dinner for my 'little sister'.
  3. Remembered to breath and pray at times of greatest stress during the storms.
This Thursday I give thanks that:
we never lost power
neither of the two trees which came down in the storm hit the house
amazing cheerful attitude of my favorite toddler
my husbands ultimate safe return after three cancelled flights
abundant hot chocolate supplies

To celebrate more small successes please visit Faith and Family Live.


  1. Weren't these back-to-back storms crazy?! I'm so glad your husband was able to finally make it back.

  2. Three cancelled flights? That's rough!! I hope things start getting better for y'all. Here in Houston we are only dealing with cold rainy weather. It's gross but livable!

  3. Oh I'm so glad you didn't lose power! I feel for you guys. How stressful!

  4. Yea! We didn't lose power either. We did investigate many new hot chocolate flavors though. They do make any storm easier to survive.