Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Takes Vol. #69 ~Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year: one week in so far so good, reading more ~ letting my anger simmer over every little thing less. Now to continue on this good start...
  2. Sending up a prayer for our host Jen who is pregnant and also has a clotting disorder and is being evaluated currently for ongoing pain in her legs
  3. It's snowing!!
  4. During our Christmas break ~ Lisbeth enjoyed for the first time many of the snowy pleasures available including making her first snowman, sledding, building snow castles and a couple of snowball fights
  5. Pronoun Problems: Currently when you tell her Thank you, she responds Your pleasure; which I think is You're Welcome and My Pleasure gotten slightly mixed-up.
  6. Got for Liam, who is holding up his head like a champ, a Bumbo seat this week. Loves it, and so does his sister who occasionally insists it is her turn.
  7. Plans for the weekend: Continuing to put the house back into order ~ and perhaps some fun in the snow! Have a good weekend!
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  1. 3. That was a great amount of snow, wasn't it? Enough to play in and enjoy but not so much as to cause problems!

    5 and 6. Cute!

  2. Hi Joy! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I look forward to reading yours!