Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Takes Vol. #70 ~ Liam @ 4 months

    1. Now holds head stable ~ due to the bulkier snowsuit we have moved to the Bjorn, and he does great facing outward.
    2. Overall did well on the long drives over the Christmas holiday; meeting/being held by lots of adoring relatives
    3. Survived his first night at home without mom and dad ~ or rather I did.
    4. Loves his new Bumbo seat and being part of the action on the floor
    5. Not really showing any signs of rolling over.
    6. Appears to pay attention when books are read to Big Sister
    7. Quick to smile and laughs with more regularity
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    1. It was so much fun laughing and having him laugh back on Sunday.

    2. It is SO cute when the older siblings "read" to the younger ones. :)

    3. Love the milestones! What a blessing that he was good while travelling!

    4. My almost 5 yr old loves "reading" to his lil' sister!

    5. Love to hear about great time and milestones with tiny people! Keep up the good work.