Friday, January 21, 2011

Quick Takes Vol. #71

1. Busy week, the baby that was showing no signs of rolling over now does consistently and he has two teeth which is making nursing a little challenging in the evening when he is tired fussy.

2. Liam who has never been a great fan of 'tummy time' has now discovered the solution- roll over and voila done with being on his tummy. I'm thinking I will allow a week or so of this before again insisting again on some strength training on his front.

3. A Blogaversary ( watch for separate post) and nearly 300 post have me in a reflective mood and feeling like I'm still finding my voice and footing as a blogger, as a mom, as a Catholic.

4. So many wonderful posts this week in anticipation of the March; Rosey Outlook and Little Catholic Bubble to share just a couple. Am not marching today but will be praying for those who are.

5. Husband working crazy long hours in anticipation of a huge projected rolling out this weekend. Am pleased that there has been less bickering and pulling apart and more offers of support even from afar and tag-teaming ~ a guess you can teach old married people new tricks!

6. More snow last night ~ very pretty though I am growing weary of the multiple layer project going out to play involves. To her credit, I believe I have yet spent more time getting her ready to go outside than she has spent outside playing.

7. Plans for the weekend, Lisbeth has been invited to her first birthday party, and I get to watch football with no firm favorites and one new enemy.

Please visit Conversion Diary hosted by Jen for the rest of this week's Quick Takes.


  1. Good for Lisbeth for being such a good sport! Have a great weekend!

  2. Jamie over at mostlygladly.typepad has a recent post about nurslings and biting -- check it out. =)