Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick Takes #98

  1. The "why's" who have previously been a polite guest occasionally seeking my attention has in the last couple of weeks become very insistent, persistent and on occasion loud.  Hoping its stay with us is coming to an end soon.
  2. Still have not decide on my word for the year (nothing seems quite right yet) have really enjoyed read posts such as this, this and this.
  3. Our lovely host's Saint Selector selected St. Louis for me. Don't know much about him despite having been confirmed in a parish bearing his name.  When I then tried again with the intention of my children and my parenting St. Therese de Lisieux came up, she I know.
  4. Our family room needs to be repainted due to water damage from a roof leak and our contractor just  told me that he can't match the border and to select a new one.  I'm trying to view this a chance for a nice change ~ but I really like border.  Can't decide whether to look for something close or make a clean break.
  5. Happy Epiphany!  Due to C.'s schedule King's Cake will most likely wait for the weekend.  Another tradition I know get to share with my littles.
  6. The answer to the question "Will Liam walk by Christmas/New Years?" is no, but given the interest he is now showing in being up on his feet and with only one of our hands for support, I'm thinking any day now.
  7. Plans for the weekend: Putting the Christmas boxes back in the shed and trying to restore some order before the construction craziness starts.  Have a good one!
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  1. Thanks for the links to those posts . . . I never thought of giving 2012 a word, but I think mine would be rejoice.

  2. I got St. Joseph for this year...I am working on a reflection of it, but I'll say I was much less freaked out about him than St. Anne Line (patron of childless people) last year!

    Happy New Year!

  3. My saint was Ferdinand III of Castile, patron of engineers, authorities, large families and parenthood. I don't get it.