Friday, January 27, 2012

Quick Takes #99

  1. Liam's  walking!! Not all the time but more and more, and so proud of himself!!!
  2. And in the 'when it rains, it pour category' just as we are adjusting to my new work schedule we are simultaneous repairing some water damage from a roof leak, which has three rooms in total disarray (well four if you count the dining room which where a ton of stuff got moved)!
  3. Will try and get a picture post together soon, but so far I'm liking the changes we've made.  An accent wall in our office, and we had to choose a new border for the family room due to the old one being discontinued.
  4. We are currently paused as we wait for some stuff for the bathroom to come in, and I'm enjoying not having workmen (nice as they have been) in my house everyday.
  5. 2-3 inches of snow is wonderful, enough to allow for making snowballs and snow angels yet not too troublesome from the whole shoveling, digging out perspective.
  6. The positive power of bloggers/commenters to keep the record straight!!
  7. When everyone is a little tired and out-of-sorts cause Daddy has been working and away a lot, watching Little Bear can be a lovely way to start an otherwise grey and rainy day.
Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Oooohhh Little Bear! We have a very tender affection for those shows in our house. So cuddly to watch with little ones. Enjoy the snow!

  2. I'm not a fan of snow, so I'll consider myself lucky if we can just deal with small amounts this year. Just enough for the kids and dogs to enjoy, and not enough for me to worry about everyone's safety on the roads. Good luck with the home repair stuff, I know how distracting that can be!

  3. Redecorating/renovation is really exciting, and utterly life-turning-upside-down-ing. (Like my word creation?)

    I've been distancing myself more and more from the news because it irritates me so much, so I hadn't heard @ CBS. I'm glad people stood up and made a difference. I remember my first march, looking down Capitol Hill and seeing the street teeming behind me...and I'd thought we were near the end of the march. Heady stuff for a 12-year-old. Actually, maybe that was my second. My first one we got snowed in and spent the night on the gymnasium floor of...I want to say a school associated with the National Shrine. I know it was close b/c my mom & I went to Mass the next morning before we got back on the bus to head westward again. And then the bus broke down in ht emountains. Ah, good memories. Better shut my trap. :)

  4. I had not heard of the CBS thing either, although it totally does not surprise me!

    YAY for Liam walking!

  5. We've only had a few inches of snow here this year so far, and I like it! Just enough to be pretty and enjoy, but not enough to cause major hassles.

    Good luck with your house projects; they always seem such a pain, but are worth it in the end!