Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick Takes #101

  1. Wonderful week for links: Emerging Mommy hosted a Practices of Parenting Carnival; with over a hundred entries I've bookmarked with plans to return whenever I need inspiration or encouragement.
  2. As a former gymnast I have MEGA thighs and calves and so have been ignoring the skinny jeans trend but encouraged by this post at Modern Mrs Darcy I headed to Old. Nav.y and am now the proud owner of a pair of skinny jeans.  
  3. Last weekend I attended the Sweet Sixteen of my 'little sister' and her twin.  She was ten when I first met her and began spending time, and have enjoyed beyond words watching her grow and mature.  We have flexed with each other as babies have come into my life and teen activities have busied hers; but I am so glad we have mantain the connection and am curious to see what the college search brings.    
  4. Was able to have Liam and myself receive the throat blessing of St Blaise last weekend after mass; always a nice thing in winter!!
  5. Two other post from this week ~ one wonderful from Colleen as she writes of her adventures with NFP and their search for just reasons.
  6. And one not so: Why must the answer be breastfeed less?
  7. The snow has returned with more called for this weekend, hope my bulbs are getting too confused!
Have a good weekend, and don't forget to head over to Conversion Diary and the rest of the Quick Takes!


  1. I'm pro-vaccine (I'm the mom of a preemie) but I think the argument about breastfeeding less is stupid.

  2. Just getting around to blog catching up - and thanks for the shout-out!! I'm going to go check out the skinny jean article right now :)