Friday, February 3, 2012

Quick Takes #100

  1. This is my hundredth time participating in Quick Takes Friday, and as I have a little over 400 posts that means 1 in 4 have been Quick Takes!
  2. Not surprising as it has been a wonderful format to share ideas that I did not know how to focus a full post around but wanted to set down.
  3. Also to 'journal' everyday events or experience in our daily lives that I wanted to remember in the busyness of life.  Like the expression "Your pleasure" of Lisbeth's that until I reread this post from last year I had truly forgotten she used to say despite it only being a year ago.
  4. HHS: Still not sure how to express my feelings so I'm glad for the wonderful words of others
  5. Susan G Komen's decision: Go them!! Planned Parenthood is under investigation for hugely under-reporting child rape.  Regardless of ones feelings about abortion can we agree that child rape is wrong!
  6. Superbowl: Patriots - Giants!! Fun to have a game where either I will be thrilled or mildly disappointed and happy for my other half. (if it a good game ~ and everyone plays/refs as they should).
  7. A couple friends asked if they should come as a buffer zone between us; I said No, but they were welcome to entertain our kids so we could focus on the game!!
A hundred post later: My thanks as always to Jen of Conversion Diary for hosting!!


  1. Ha! I love #7 :)...I'm always grateful that The Man and I root for the same teams, because with my competitiveness it would get ugly I'm sure. (Why yes, I am a grown-up, why do you ask? ;))

  2. #4 is my favourite!! Congratulations on 100 Quick Takes, I posted my 1st today and now I'm enjoying discovering some lovely blogs!! Jennifer x

  3. #4 is great! i LOVE your blog, you're constantly thinking of interesting little tidbits & 7 quick takes is sure a nice way to get them down.

  4. There's now a religious exemption to the mandate.

    You're welcome.