Friday, February 24, 2012

Quick Takes #102: Lent and life

  1. Lent is off to a good start; so far (2 whole days) I like the devotional I've chosen.  The book I got for Lisbeth is I think beyond her.  I have a recommendation for another which I will check out or I might keep it informal this year and see where the spirit leads me.
  2. Planning on doing a variation on 40 bags/40 days ~ will update as the plan comes together.
  3. The one part of our bathroom that we didn't think needed repair ~ does in fact.  When the workmen removed the toliet they discovered that the floor was rotten underneath.  A frustrating delay and unexpected expense ~ but at least happening at a time when we were already planning the bathroom to be out of comission for a while.
  4. Attended my first parent/teacher conference today; may they all goes as well during her life as a student!
  5. Did you know that this Sunday is Oscar night? I didn't until I saw an ad, I barely know who/what has been nominated ~ but hosted by Billy Crystal, yup I'll be watching!!
  6. Went to the ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor last week, apparently Liam's eardrums don't move even if there is no fluid in his middle ear, this is a bit of mystery for us and the doctor.  In the meantime he is using the 2-3 words he has more and more: Mama, Yeth, and Hi are getting quite the workout!
  7. Warm welcome back to our host ~ Jennifer!! Congratulations on completing her book!!
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  1. i started the 40 bags/40 days january 1st, and the process is ongoing:)

  2. ugh, remodeling delays are the worst! They always seem to happen. We are just about to begin finishing our basement, and I am praying we don't hit many snags.

    I'm gad your lenten devotional is working for you; I think ours is going to be pretty good too. I've even stuck with my morning prayer, which is so inconsistent. I think tying it to my morning coffee ritual is making me stick to it!

    Happy weekend.

  3. I'm also trying the 40 bags/40 days! It is going well so far! Prayers for you during Lent.