Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick Takes #110

  1. A recent trip to celebrate a family birthday went well, much traffic on the way south but my little travelers did well.  Though the trip may have included Lisbeth's first experience of homesickness with her saying at bedtime that the bedroom at Bonne Mamy's was too different from her room at home.
  2. The other low point ~ Liam's new molars were really giving him a hard time, which he shared with me during a couple of rough nights.
  3. Really enjoying the Olympics, especially the gymnastics.  As a former gymnast I really enjoy watching the sport ~ though I wish the IFOG  was not so determined to break ties.  Given you are being scored to a hundredth of a percent perhaps ties could stand.
  4. Between the extreme heat and the squirrels ~ not so many tomatoes harvested by us this year.
  5. Luckily the local farmers market is having better luck, and I continue to enjoy very much the way my kids (especially Liam) devours fruits and vegetables.  Red peppers, tomatoes, peaches, apples, & pickles to name just a few!
  6. We have our vacation coming up soon and in addition to some technical reading I need to get done I am very much looking forward to some pleasure reading.  My to-read pile has grown very big and am hoping to make a good dent.
  7. They are calling for rain here today ~ praying that if you are in a part of the country in need, some falls your way soon.
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  1. #3 Yeah, they really should both have taken home the bronze.

  2. #4- we have tons of tomatoes, but some little critter is eating off the buds of my melon plants!!

  3. I'm impressed that your kids like veggies! And I agree that they should allow ties.