Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick Takes #112 : Summer Wrap-up

  1. Lisbeth enjoyed her first experience with VBS and Tot Lot and both seemed to me a great value for the cost. Especially Tot Lot which included field trips ~ she attended three performances of Summer Stage at a local HS, and could have also gone bowling, to a bounce house and fruit picking.
  2. The Climbing wall/Slide we purchased for the backyard got good use both with and without a pool to splash into.
  3. Enjoyed hosting several pizza parties at our house to enjoy the Olympics with friends, and introducing Lisbeth to several new sports including diving, soccer, and gymnastics.
  4. Fully mobile and fearless Liam definitely put a new spin of playground time as he was more apt to attempt the big slide than his sister ~ and I got to try and keep track as they of course ran in opposite directions.
  5. And while on vacation: swimming lessons really paid off as I got to watch her dog-paddle her way around the pool on vacation, first using her 'turtle shell' and by the end of the week just some water-wings. (Camera cord still MIA ~ will post vacation pics as soon as it is located).
  6. Excellent ice cream enjoyed by all and BONUS: given my 'delicate' condition I was twice given a pickle for free to enjoy along with my ice cream!
  7. Went to an old seaside amusement park where not only did Lisbeth enjoy some rides but so did Liam (watching Lisbeth on a ride it occurred to us that Liam made the height requirement) ~ they both had a blast, and did their parents!  Followed by some yummy pizza and a dash back to the car before the thunderstorm hit.
Wishing all a happy Labor Day Weekend!

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