Friday, August 17, 2012

Quick Takes #111 ~ 20 week edition

1. Am somewhat surprised to have hit the halfway point with this pregnancy. I realize I didn't know about it for the first four weeks but still!

2. Going public later than before mostly out of a desire to tell family in person and vacation not happening till August.

3. Very curious if those around me didn't mention anything out of politeness, cause I was not showing nearly as much as I thought I was, or their first, best guess was mid-age spread??

4. Lisbeth's first reaction to the idea of a new baby was "No thank you, I like my old baby (i.e. Liam)". We reassured her that we would be keeping him and adding to our family.

5. Feeling movements for the last couple weeks, hoping they will soon be discernible from the outside.

6. Going Team Green (waiting for the birth to find out the sex) again which our families are resigned to since we have put them through a similar 'tortious' wait the previous two times.

7. Very happy and excited to see what the next twenty weeks have in store!

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  1. So exciting! I'm so happy for you! Hope the next 20 weeks fly by!

  2. where have I been? did you post an announcement? I tried looking for it...anyways, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! SO excited for you!!! God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh - Lisbeth's reaction is priceless!! So sweet.
    Congratulations again ;) - and yay! Team Green!

  4. Congratulations! I must have missed the announcement. Hope the next half of pregnancy goes well and quickly. :)

  5. Team Green - that's kind of fun... never heard that before. (Granted, I'm new to all of these shenanigans...)

  6. Congratulations! I love that Lisbeth at least wants to keep Liam. :)

  7. I totally missed this. Congratulations! And Lisbeth's response is pretty much the best ever.