Friday, September 7, 2012

Quick Takes #113

  1. Second children of course bring some milestones or challenge/achievement already experienced by their older siblings but also often their own, individual, 'never happened here before' events.  And so it was this week when having heard Liam wheeze this weekend, I took him to the pediatrician on Monday and brought home with me a nebulizer machine.  He is now fully recovered and I'm hoping the machine now packed away does not see much action this fall/winter.
  2. Speech therapy Take 2: a new therapist starts today ~ the first one apparently left the agency to take a full time job.  New words we are hearing despite the month's delay in starting therapy (the first therapist only came once for a 'get the know the family meeting') eyes, out and apple!
  3. Was great fun this week to see on Facebook and emails so many first day of school pictures as nieces, nephews and friends started their school years. For us this excitement starts next week.  Wishing everyone a great year!
  4. Have truly enjoyed the conventions and speeches, but am now SO ready for the debates because as grateful as I am for the fact-checkers I would really like the hear the details and nuances from the candidates themselves.
  5. A great post by Lisa Jo of tales of a gypsy mom:100 ways you know you are a mom, such a great mix of things I already definitely identify with and stuff I have to look forward to.
  6. The problem with having a largely laid-back, happy with most activities toddler ~ figuring out what core, BIG present to get for him, for his birthday, next week!! 
  7. Good Weekend!!

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  1. I'm glad Liam recovered quickly from the wheezing!

  2. I'm pretty sure this election season is going to kill me - partly because since I work for the Church, I have to watch what and when I say anything (I know I'm fully permitted to speak as an independent citizen, but I would hate for something to be taken as if I was speaking for our Diocese - ugh!).

    Yay for new words and fast healing for Liam! Just get him a giant box and some paint for his birthday - he'll love it :).

  3. I am looking forward to the debates, most particularly the VP debate as I do respect Paul Ryan a great deal and actually, I probably like him better than Romney. Anyway...I just noticed Lisbeth's name in one of the older posts and that is what we call our Elizabeth sometimes. My niece who is almost 3 actually calls her what we can only decipher as "bizbet". I also wanted to stop by and say thank you for your support and encouragement during our recent trial. I am so appreciative for this blogger community for being the hands and feet of Christ.