Friday, September 28, 2012

Quick Takes #115

    1. Hit 26 weeks gestation mark this week which also means that the countdown to Baby #3 due date stands at less than 100 days ~ cool and a little intimidating.  Anyone want to explain zone defense to me?
    2. Still opting to work with the limited vocabulary, but man can Liam pack a whole lot of charm in his "Hi".
    3. Debates start in a week ~ Yes I will be watching (sleeping children allowing), you?
    4. Lisbeth is largely adjusting well and liking Pre-K, wrote her name for the first time ~ but nine days in she has asked to wear a dress EVERYDAY so far ~ this is new, different and slightly disconcerting, but also kinda fun.
    5. Crazy refs ~ I'm glad the lock-out is over, though it will definitely reduce the bizarreness level of watching the NFL.
    6. Hopefully going apple picking on this last weekend in September.
    7. Happy October!
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  1. Haha! I can relate. I don't think my oldest daughter wore a pair of pants until she was six, but they're awfully sweet in little dresses.

    Have fun apple picking!

  2. #1- for me going from 2 to 3 was very hard. But lots of factors played into that. #3 has been my most difficult baby, we started homeschooling that year too, etc. But, do not worry about it! You will figure it out!

    have fun apple picking!

  3. Apple picking sounds terrific!

    As far as the zone defense, I'm on #4 now, and it's just a transition, that's all. You know what they say, it's the 6s--the first six days are the hardest, the first six weeks are the hardest, the first six standard "wisdom" (whose value I sometimes question sharing!) is that it takes everyone about 6 months to get settled in, so give yourself that time to keep it low-key. By the time baby settles into a schedule (which has always been 6 or 7 months for us), you'll be adjusted too.