Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Takes #114

  1. Mini-family birthday party yesterday complete with cupcakes for the newest toddler in the house.  Bigger party with friends this coming weekend.  He very happily and excitedly noticed his birthday banner ~ and grunted and pointed appropriately.
  2. Gymnastics started today; much better about waiting her turn ~ and maintaining her balance on the beam since the spring.
  3. Glad that a lengthy trial was avoided in the case of Bishop Finn.  Praying for healing for the parishioner of Kansas City as well as here in Philadelphia.  And that this is the last trial for a long while.
  4. First day of Mother's Day Out and Pre-K orientation today ~ hard to say if the kids or the grown-ups are more nervous?
  5. Pool emptied and put away, leaves bags bought, and the a/c has been off for the last three days ~ the seasons are a changin.  Hopefully the coming week will bring a pumpkin latte!
  6. There is a part of me that truly wonders if Liam was just waiting to be 2 to really start talking.  Nothing major happened this week, he just seems to be inching up on several different words.  Time will tell.
  7. Good weekend to you all!!
Please visit Camp Patton and the lovely Grace (filling in for the lovely Jen) for the rest of this week's Quick Takes.


  1. Happy birthday to your little one!!

  2. #3 - so glad no big trial had to happen. It's kind of strange around here...but I hope and pray for healing as well.

    #5 - I love fall!!

    #6 - Vincent is also lagging in the speech department. I know he is only 15 months, but the last three of my kids were talking talking talking by this point and he is only saying Mama and No and then just grunting a whole bunch.

  3. #6, our son is 2 yrs older than our daughter, they both pretty much began talking at the same time,not the same age now, he was 3 and she was almost 1. Sometimes the last ones take longer to talk b/c the older ones know what they mean and just take care of it for them.