Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes #121

  1. A week of trying to take in and take hold of the events of last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary. As the mother of a kindergardener next year ~ and a soon to be born baby many of my thoughts have centered around wanting to hold them very close and how to make this a better world to have to them go out into.
  2. This was definitely helped by some of the wonderful posts I found around the web: by Sarah, and Colleen.
  3. The wonderful actions of others such as the many police officers who are showing up to create human walls between mourners and protesters.
  4. Touching, elegant tributes such as that by the judges and contestants of The Voice.

5. In the rest of life; we are continuing to make ready ~ cards are sent, out of town packages are mailed and while the weekend will include a lot of wrapping (hopefully while watching It's a Wonderful Life) I'm feeling in good shape for Christmas.
6. Baby #3-wise ~ We have the new car seat, newborn clothes are washed, and once the cradle is set-up and hospital bag is packed (hopefully this weekend); will also be in 'good shape' awaiting baby's arrival.
7. Happy Winter, now we await with hope and wonder the coming of the Light!

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  1. It is always striking to me how it requires the worst of humanity to bring out the best of humanity. I pray that we truly learn how to love every day like we love after our hearts are broken.

    So excited to meet your #3 - how much longer?

  2. We always watch It's a Wonderful Life at Christmas too. Such a good film!
    Glad you're getting a bunch done. I've got almost the exact same to-do list for tomorrow when Ben is home (install car seat, set up pack'n'play, finish packing hospital bag.) It's not much longer for either one of us :o)