Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why I love my husband: Vol 6

    Usually I have no problem coming up with an anniversary gift for my Hubby even with our anniversary coming three days after Christmas.  I'll pull from the traditional gift suggestions for the given year or give something referencing something that happened in the the marriage in the past year.
   This year however I'm struggling, between preparing for Christmas, the coming baby and trying to be intentional about Advent activities with the kids.  Plus I'm currently uninspired by the traditional gift suggestion of tin (really 10 years should be represented by something tin!).
   Mentioning this to my husband, he laughed and pointed out that as I had spent the last several months growing and nurturing within a child of the marriage I could have an extension until the right gift came to mind.

Perhaps he is right.

Inspired by Kaitlin of More like Mary ~ More like Me


  1. Aww, what a great husband. Happy anniversary!

  2. I would search "tin" on Etsy and see what comes up. Maybe that will inspire you :)