Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quick Takes # 122

  1. Prayers for our sponsor Jen of Conversion Diary, her baby, and family as they deal with hospitalizations and pregnancy complications.
  2. Still here ~ still pregnant! The baby clearly wants a January birthday and has no respect for due dates.  Have discussed with the midwife when best to issue eviction notice ~ probably some time next week.  Updates as warranted, prayers welcomed!
  3. Thanks to visiting grandmothers, managed a date night in celebration of our anniversary.  Good food & conversation and came home to find 50% of our extra-uterine children asleep. 
  4. Spent a lovely New Years Eve at home with both our moms enjoying a three course fondue dinner (family tradition in C.'s family), some football and watching the ball drop.
  5. Having again consulting the Patron Saint Selector on Conversion Diary was given Saint Benedict for 2013, it has been awhile since I've read the Rule of the Benedictine Order but remember much of the daily schedule is about balancing prayer time and work.  Yay! I think his intercession and wisdom will be most useful in the months to come.
  6. Have not settled on a word for the year ~ but Rae of There is no wealth but life may have given me my motto for the year ~ Wait out the bad days, give thanks on the good days and never let go of hope.
  7. Plans for the weekend: get car inspected and start cleaning up Christmas stuff ~ or you know give birth.
Please visit Hallie's place Moxie Wife, who is hosting this week's Quick Takes while Jen (now home) recovers.


  1. Prayers for a smooth delivery- and that it is soon!

  2. Hope the baby comes soon! Prayers for a safe labor and delivery.

  3. Babies come when babies come..or so says my FIL who is an ob. Or at least that is how they should come. Best wishes for a safe and delightful birth!

  4. I think that Epiphany would be an awesome birthday, but I'm just praying that your baby decides to come sooner and smoothly!

  5. Praying for a happy and healthy delivery . . . and may it come soon too!

  6. I love #7...the plans for the week. Hopefully you've knocked out one of those ;o)