Friday, January 18, 2013

Quick Takes #124

  1. A week in and all is well, so we are taking it to the next level ~ Dr. Daddy went back to work this week and the second grandmother (Bonne Mammy) left yesterday.  Prayers welcome!
  2. Seriously she nurses like a champ and is looking less yellow everyday ~ and a weight check later today will hopefully show her nearly back to birth weight.
  3. Lisbeth now calls the baby Caitlin, though we did go through a brief period of "Caitlin Pencil".
  4. Lacking the forethought to arrange for guest posts I will do the next best thing and point you to Camp Patton who did, and a wonderful post from our lovely host Jen.
  5. While I still need to find a re-run of Episode 1, having now seen Episode 2 of Downton Abbey season 3; I no longer feel a step behind and in constant fear of spoilers ~ so go ahead and feel free to discuss in my presence.
  6. And just to show that I am aware of outside events through my postpartum haze: Go Patriots!!!
  7. Have been a fan of Laurie Berkner in general and this song in particular for awhile but it is especially poignant to me right now as I have a few day old and a four year old simultaneously.

Please visit Conversion Diary hosted by the lovely Jen for the rest of this week's Quick Takes


  1. Yes, Go Patriots!!

    Is it Laurie that sings the Victor Vito song? My kids used to be bananas for that one.

  2. So glad things are going well. Prayers that it keeps up!

  3. Was just thinking about you, wondering how things were going - so glad to find this waiting for me in my reader :).

    Regarding #6 - I may have to adjust my "playoff strategy" to rooting for whoever the NFC team is in the super bowl, as a Steeler fan, there just isn't a "good" option between the Patriots and the Ravens. ;)

    I loved singing the "Goldfish" song with my preschoolers!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Am I the only one who does not watch Downtown Abby? I think I need to start.

    Praying all goes well!