Friday, February 15, 2013

Quick Takes # 126

  1. What a week, Pope's big announcement, State of the Union, Ash Wednesday, St Valentine's Day ~ and getting into the Lenten rhythm. Here's hoping for a quiet weekend!
  2. Still sorting out my Lent practices; I'm again giving up reading fiction and have selected a book to read as well as download Magnificat's Lenten App hoping to read some of the prayers of the day.  Not sure yet what the focus and direction of our almsgiving will be yet.
  3. Found out this week that Lisbeth was accepted into Kindergarten, the catholic school we registered at has a maximum class size of 24 and gives first preference the children with older siblings in the school.
  4. Earlier this week Caitlin passed her repeat hearing test (she failed in one ear the one done in the hospital after birth) which was highly likely but still nice to have confirmed.
  5. The most interesting take on Pope Benedict's decision to abdicated, in my most humble opinion, was by Elizabeth Scalia of the Anchoress.  I don't yet know if I agree but much food for thought, yes?
  6. Break for baby picture:
  7. Baby's First Ashes!
  8. 4 day weekend for the kids in observance of Presidents Day and the Season Finale of Downton Abbey (how is the season ending already?!!).  Whatever your weekend holds ~ have a good one! 
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  1. I know!!! And by the time the next season rolls around, I'll need to rewatch the first three to remember everything!

    No worries, I won't spoil anything, but brace yourself. I'm not saying being blindsided by the finale of Downton is the same as being blindsided by the pope's announcement, but I was shocked and upset at the christmas special. I was downright moody for a couple of days. That said though, hope you enjoy the rest of the episode! :)

  2. I'm so excited that Monday is a holiday so we can stay up late and watch Downton! Baby ashes are the cutest :)

  3. #6- Love!
    #1- Avoided the State of the Union . . . I told hubby that I refused to watch it, even if it was the last night for us to watch TV before Lent starts!

  4. Adorable baby picture! :)

    That is an interesting post @ the Pope. I've also noticed that he was going to be "retiring" into prayer and contemplative life, and we as a Church definitely need the prayers for the scandals. I am praying hard that the Spirit moves the Cardinals to whatever leader we most need--administrator, pastor, inspire-er? Who knows?

  5. "Baby's First Ashes" - LOVE it!

  6. Baby picture breaks are the best!

  7. I have never, ever gotten MLK or President's Day off. I always forget about them being holidays! Have a great holiday weekend!

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