Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Five Favorites Vol 4

The brain child of Hallie Lord, this week hosted by Grace of Camp Patton

1. Sun bleaching: Someone mentioned to me when our first was an infant that sunlight works wonders on clothes with poop blowouts ~ get the stain wet and put in the sun and the stain largely fades. LOVE THIS!

2. Self-feeders for ice: Caitlin has recently started some major drooling and chomping down on her fingers and our knuckles, we are wondering if teething is around the corner ~ so I'm bringing back out our self-feeders, which I have never really liked for food (find really tough to clean) but LOVE as a way to let my teething baby safely suck on ice.

3.  3 minute retreats: a wonderful site by Loyola press which offers the opportunity to reflect on single bible passage with some guided reflection and suggested prayers.

4. Mini ice cream cones: Big enough for a kid treat, small enough that I feel ok saying Yes to this treat a couple times a week.

5. Lily of the Valley:  Since I have a May birthday it has long been a tradition with my mom to await the first blossom of the month's official flower Lily of the Valley.  Having successfully transplanted some of hers; behold as of this week in my yard:


  1. Joy, you are such an angel for putting that link to the 3 minute retreat. I need that so much.

  2. Love these! I want to cry with happiness at #1- my 4 mo. old is having huge blowouts almost every single day and most of her clothes are stained. I'm at my wits end. Those self-feeders are so great, and I just discovered Lily of the Valley in our yard. It smells wonderful!

  3. Ice in the self-feeders - brilliant! Ours have just become teething toys, but ice actually makes sense!

  4. I love lilies of the valley, grew in my yard growing up with the most delicate scent that cannot be replicated.