Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five Favorites Vol 5

Linking up with the wonderful Hallie and sharing my faves in summer:

1. Swimming:  The best way to beat the heat, get some exercise and have great fun.

2. Reading outside; some books on my summer reading list are: Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, The Corinthian (a reread) and Between Heaven and Mirth

3. Being by the ocean; truly I love this anytime of year but it lasts longer during the summer!

4. Picking and enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables

5. Eating ice cream: I love ice cream especially homemade ~ small shop ~ eat outside cones

Please head over to Moxie Wife and share some of your favorites.


  1. I'm so excited to go pick strawberries! Nothing is tastier than fresh strawberries right off the plant :)

  2. This post gets me all excited for summer!!

  3. Oh, boy. You're getting me excited for our move back to So California, where ALL of these things will be a part of our summer. Yay, summer!