Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick Takes #135

  1. Summer has almost assuredly taken up residence as we are experiencing our third day in a row above 90, aka heat wave; surviving with a/c, ceiling fans and lots of lemonade!
  2. Caitlin while definitely growing and changing ~ is still sporting the cradle cap which we are really hoping to clear up before her Baptism in a little over a week ~ knowing ironicly that the Chrism will be just the ticket if we don't have cleared by then.
  3. Yes she has yet to be officially initiated into the Church; don't ask ~ I'm still not completely clear on how waiting till after Lent somehow lead to the date being after the Easter Season too; a weird  yet ultimately boring tale of busy families/busy time of year, etc.
  4. We have yet again plunged into the fun realm of home repair/improvement; very excited to see the end results, not happy to be down a bathroom ~ and really hoping it is all done by the time out-of-town family arrives for the Baptism!
  5. Author Father Andrew Greeley who has been 'living in the twilight' since suffering a brain injury in 2008 died yesterday.  Did not always agree with his conclusions but appreciated his writing and commitment to ask the tough questions.  
  6. Rules regarding screen time (TV and iPad) went very lax recently what with school finishing and the weather alternating between pouring rain and swelter heat.  We have a couple weeks until officially summer activities start for Lisbeth, I torn between thinking we need to get back into better balance regarding screen time and thinking that balance will come as other activities start happening and not let this become a power conflict.
  7. Having the good weekend!
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  1. We just keep having lots of rain, here! and I hear you on the screen gets more lax around here when school wraps up, but I do have lots of activities lined up to keep the kiddos off and engaged!

  2. It's been in the 90s here too. It's definitely made me lax about screen time! Hope your bathroom reno. goes smoothly!

  3. I am SO not ready for the 90-degree heat yet, particularly since it was so COLD the week before!!! Thankfully our yard has been pretty cool in the shade, and the kids don't seem to mind the heat? They're way more resilient than I...

  4. I envy the lovely weather you are having! All we've been getting is rain, wind, and tornado watches :-p