Friday, June 14, 2013

Quick Takes #137

  1. Baptism went very well, the older kids had fun with their cousins and despite having just fallen asleep Caitlin did not grouse too much at the shock of the water.
  2. However I only have a couple pictures because at the church I was largely holding Caitlin the whole time and once we got home we changed her out of the gown due to the heat ~ so come-on family and friends who took pictures; help a Mama out and share your pictures.
  3. Lisbeth started swimming lessons this week. Having not had any classes since the end of the  summer I was a bit concerned how she would do.  No worries; it definitely helped to have again a favorite teacher from last summer, but she jumped right in ~ really excited for the progress she might make this summer towards swimming independently.
  4. While it currently only last a few seconds Caitlin is beginning to sit-up on her own and I'm experiencing my first strong urge to slow down time.
  5. VBS starts next week, Lisbeth had a good time last year but probably didn't learn anything lasting; higher hopes for this year along with some curiosity about the difference a year makes.
  6. As in when you are living it day by day it is sometimes hard to see the change in your kids understanding of something or learning style ~ but look back over a year and the change is obvious.  For example 11 months ago we started speech therapy because Liam could say maybe 15 words ~ he is now well over 50 and putting them together in two and three words phrases.
  7. Good Weekend and Happy Father's Day!!

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  1. Beautiful photo! I saw it from far away at first and the leg that is behind you made me think your hair was that long, lol!

    I'd like to put Joe into swimming lessons this year... just need to find the time!

  2. Your church is gooooorgeous!!! And I totally thought that leg was your hair, too :P