Friday, August 30, 2013

Quick Takes #140 ~Vacation Recap

The many reasons why our recent trip was wonderful:

  1. Weather: The sun shone all week, with temps ranging from comfortable to a bit warm but never stifling and while the water consistently felt very cold to start, never actually kept us from our fun.
  2. Cousins: The kids played great with their cousins; especially Lisbeth with her 'twin cousin' (only 9 days difference in age).  They held tea parties, exchanged reviews for their favorite iPad apps, and would walk around the house wrapped in a blanket or towel announcing that they are 'the two-headed monsters'.  
  3. Food: Blueberries transformed into pies and pancakes, steamed hot dogs and homemade ice cream from the local favorite place ~ and of course seafood: pasta with clams sauce, fish & chips, clam strips and lobsters. We also continued our tradition of getting breakfast pastries and eating them on the seawall. 
  4. Extra hands: loved being able to walk away to tend to Caitlin without worrying about the older two, go for a walk with Lisbeth leaving the younger two with Dad, enjoyed the chance to sit back and not attend every tea party or go on every rock climbing adventure.  Even managed a walk on the beach solo with only Caitlin in the carrier.
  5. Milestones were made all the sweeter by being shared; Lisbeth swimming with just arm floaties, Liam's growing vocabulary and Caitlin trying Ice Cream, French Fries, and Watermelon.
  6. Speaking of vocabulary: 3rd times a charm ~ Mama for the win!
  7. Other great memories: Liam digging a deep hole, Lisbeth mistrusting riding the boogie board so simply throwing it into the ocean and waiting for the waves to bring it back to her, picking blackberries on morning walks, and watching Lisbeth and her cousin try and convince the incoming tide from not wiping out the castle they had just built.
And now for some pictures:

Yummy Ice Cream!

Stylin' at the Seawall
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  1. Sounds (and looks) like you guys had a great time! Love that picture of Caitlin in the sand - she's gotten so adorably chunky!

  2. Looks like a great trip! Glad you guys had fun.

  3. So sweet and adorable. Sounds like a wonderful vacation!

  4. You just made me love new England even more!