Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Five Favorites: November 13th

  1. Tweed flats from Payless: In my search for the leopard print flats that seem to be everywhere this fall I found these, cute and comfortable!!  And very much more me than animal prints once I get honest with myself.
  2. Chobani yogurt bites ~ yummy flavors like raspberry with chocolate and pineapple with caramel in perfect snack-size portions, just right for a late afternoon pick-me-up and since it is Greek also just tart enough that the kids are happy with just ONE taste.
  3. Old Navy Infinity scarf: Soft and fun and just right for over a sweater or fleece
  4. Robeez: Once again we have a child that resists mightily having anything on her feet; so far so great ~ warm feet and so cute to boot!
  5. Crockpot ~ a question actually: We use ours every week, sometimes a couple of times in a week and our crockpot is now hitting the end of its road and so I'm looking for recommendations.  Any favorite crockpots?
Now please head over to Hallie's and read all about the fun she is planning.


  1. I got a "Crock Pot" brand pink retro one from Value Villagefor $5 like 3 years ago and its still going strong! I think the older ones were made with better quality and can outlast more use. We may not use ours quite as much as you though!

  2. This tweed flats are really cute--- glad to know that they are comfortable as well!

  3. We love chobani! Where do you buy robeez? I like chicken tortilla soup!

  4. I've tried all the fancy expensive digital crockpots- the works. The crock pot brand really is the best, and I like the one with just the old fashioned high low or warm dial.

  5. It's an investment but Williams and Sonoma have great crockpots. My parents lasted 7 years feeding seven kids!

  6. Looks like we're both thinking about scarves today. That one from Old Navy looks comfy.
    I like my crock pot but will have to go and see what brand it is. One thing I'd suggest is to find one with great customer services and warranties. Once the pot of ours broke and the company shipped us a whole new pot for free!
    Also, have you ever tried the Target robeez knock offs? They seem to work well with our kids and I don't feel so bad if we lose one since we didn't pay as much.
    ~ Erika Marie via Moxie Wife

  7. Those tweed flats are adorable. Glad you found them! We use our Crock Pot brand slow cooker a few times a week. It's probably 6 years old or more at this point. Just basic low - high with 4, 6, 8, 10 hour timer settings.