Thursday, November 21, 2013

Third Person ~ Thankful Thursday

  Joy awoke this morning ready to dust off the old blog and give thanks for some of the good amidst the craziness. Giving thanks:

  • for the full moon she spied this morning post school drop-off
  • for the Dunkin Chai she treated herself to
  • the game of I Spy she played with Liam in the car
  • the sweet encouraging text her husband sent 
  • And his offer to bring home dinner tonight for them
  • watching her daughter be deep in conversation with classmates as soon as the goodbyes are said
  • Caitlin's smiles as she is woken and carried out into the cold to take Lisbeth to school
  • The new day off to a decent start despite the very early start

Also linking up with Kelly of This Ain't the Lyceum for Third Person Thursday


  1. Sounds like you got yourself a keeper!

  2. I've been enjoying the beautiful moon these past weekends as well, great list!

  3. Kelly's five year old is currently in a major 'I Spy' phase, and she smiled upon reading Joy's list. Kelly also found herself salivating instinctively at the words "Dunkin Chai." She finished up her comment so she could text her husband to bring one home.