Saturday, November 9, 2013

10 things at 10 Months

10 things about Caitlin at 10 months:

  1. Not officially mobile ~ but with rolling and stretch squirming can get where she wants to go to reach what she wants to reach.
  2. Sleeping well in her crib, while she is still occasionally up once in the night overall I am very pleased with how the transition went ~ and Liam is thrilled to be sharing his room.
  3. Happy to try any food offered; we are increasing texture and so far it is going well.  Transitioning to table food is fun for her and means less work for me; win ~ win.
  4. Still nursing well and despite now having 6 teeth almost never nips; except a couple of times when one of her siblings startled her.
  5. So verbal/interactive now; she waves and claps; laughs and tries to imitate different sounds she hears.
  6. Singing to her is a good a fallback option when she is fussy and nursing is not an option.  ABC and Baa baa black sheep topping the chart parade.
  7. An absolute master at getting whatever is on her feet off; keeping her feet warm this winter may prove a bit difficult.  
  8. Continues to be a good 'tag-along', happy to hang-out in the front carrier or stroller as we let the big kids bike or scooter off some energy.
  9. As we head into the Thanksgiving/Advent/Christmas Season ~ I know that the last couple months of her first year are going to race by, but it will be a fun ride watching her take it all in for the first time.
  10. Such a fun, happy, sweet baby girl!

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