Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Five Favorites; April 2nd

1. Signs of Spring

2. Dried Pineapple: for whatever reason my mouth does not like fresh pineapple and so unless I want to enjoy a burning sensation for hours I have to limit myself to just a piece or two at a time but canned does not bother me ~ so when I saw dried for sale at a favorite little food shop of ours I decided to give it a try. Most Excellent Decision!!

3. Signs of Spring in my yard:

4. The look on her face when she realized that with the help of her trusty stroller she could stand tall and head out to explore on her own.

5. Signs of Spring in my yard in likely my last Spring in this house. One last chance to enjoy the flowers of the bulbs planted by me and those who lived here before me.

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  1. Such beautiful flowers, Joy! This is probably the last spring in our house, too, and I was having the same thoughts about all the pretty flowers the previous owner planted.

  2. Yea for spring!