Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick Takes #153 ~ Caitlin at 15 months

And in another installment of blog as baby book:

  1. Cruising is your big new accomplishment and one you are interested in trying out as often as possible.  Your big sister's stroller has been put back into service and is your favorite 'aide' but really anything will do.  Now the question is when will you let go and try walking in 'hands-free' mode??
  2. Sleeping continues to be good. A couple colds and 3 new teeth had you again feeding once in the night but you've of late returned to sleeping thru the night.  Still nursing most of the way to sleep but able settle yourself back down once I move you to the crib to nap or for the night.
  3. Your current vocabulary is small but consistent; Mama, Dad(Dat), hi, bye, nose, eyes, shoes, juice (anything in a cup), teeth.  You've started shaking your head 'No' and have quite the high pitched shriek when unhappy.
  4. You continue to be a good eater happy to try most things and with 11 teeth now we are offering you more and more.  I really can't think of anything you won't try a bite or two.  Favorites include yogurt, noodles, cheese and ice cream.  You are starting to show interest in using a spoon yourself.
  5. You still love music and are likely sway and bounce anytime you hear some.  Stacking blocks and big Duplos will hold your interest as will your 'treasure chest'; now that you are more mobile you are wanting more and more to join in whenever your big brother and sister are playing.
  6. Current cuteness ~ during evening prayers you actually try and make the sign of the cross; specifically the 'holy spirit' gesture: years earlier than either of your siblings.  You also like to blow kisses and try and tickle us.
  7. Thank you for continuing to be a lovely laid-back, nap on the run, gracious multi sibling hug recipient, happy to here person.
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