Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What they said vol #3

When discussing the new house;
Liam: Can we bring snacks to the new house cause I might get hungry
Once reassured that we would bring food to the new house he then asked about a stove cause sometimes warm food is better. 

Dr Daddy: What did you do at school?
Liam: Practiced songs for the concert.
Dr Daddy: Do I have to sing?
Liam: No you're the audience!

After watching Mary Poppins earlier that day:
Lisbeth: Supercalfragilistic~everyones a toaster!!

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  1. Oh Liam :) That's pretty awesome - make sure you bring mattresses too, because sleeping on the floor would be uncomfortable! Oh and clothes - can't be naked in the new house!

  2. So glad that you'll have snacks and warm food at your new place! :)