Friday, May 9, 2014

Quick Takes #154

  1. My book pile overfloweth happily Surprised by Motherhood and Something Other than God stacked there and my sister's newest Sawyer Says waiting on my Kindle. What do you think the chances are that my Mother's Day present is hours and hours to read in peace.
  2. May goals are going well overall; I'm not neccessarily remembering everything everyday but am getting back into some good daily habits and am feeling better in general come the end of the day.
  3. Chaperoned my first field trip yesterday as Lisbeth's class visited Longwood Garden.  Liam and Caitlin were able to come also and a great time was had by all. The weather started a little yucky but improved quickly ~ the kids had a blast in the tree houses and the flowers were gorgeous.
  4. Definitely not her main approach to movement yet but Caitlin was officially encouraged/cheered into taking her first independent steps a few times this week.  At almost exactly the same age as her brother ~ 16 months +/- a day.
  5. Serious-ing up the list for a moment; the names of 180 of the reported 276 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped are know and this site listed them and encouraged readers to pick one and pray for her safe return by name. I'm praying for Magret Shettima.
  6. Wonderful mom posts this week: Kendra's, Lisa Jo's and Bonnie's
  7. Photo Dump:
Happy new stepper

Learning how different plants thrive in different climates

Field trips are exhausting!

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  1. Reading in peace is on my Mother's Day agenda as well. I also have SOTG on my list!

  2. I hope you get some peaceful time with a book!